RSL announces 2 new awards, appoints 12 authors to International Writers programme

The Royal Society of Literature (RSL) has announced the appointment of 12 authors to its International Writers programme, which recognises the contribution that writers from across the world have made to literature. 

The authors appointed this year include Han Kang, Yaa Gyasi, Yussef El Guindi and Tony Birch. 

In addition to this, the RSL has also introduced two new prizes this year: the Entente Littéraire Prize and the RSL Jerwood Poetry Awards. The Entente Littéraire Prize is a UK-France literary prize for young adult literature, inspired by the Entente Cordiale, the 1904 agreement between the UK and French governments that improved bilateral relations. 

The RSL Jerwood Poetry Awards is a new flagship programme supporting poets across Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England to make “significant” step-changes in their careers. 

The Entente Littéraire Prize and the RSL Jerwood Poetry Awards will join the existing roster of annual awards and prizes presented by the RSL.

The RSL’s International Writers programme is an annual, life-long award that invites writers from across the world to join the RSL’s International Writers each year, forming a global community of authors. 

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