Rele Art Gallery opening soon in London

Adenrele Sonariwo seems set on world domination.

With flagship galleries in two major world capitals – Lagos and Los Angeles – the young woman who set up shop in Lagos 7 years ago is set to open up a new shop in London if feelers reaching thelagosreview is anything to go by.

A series of instagram posts let the cat out of the bag and made public the high powered movies being made by the high flyer who prefers to keep a low profile.

The first indication came from @rehobothproperty who posted on June 24th “this Wednesday we went out with a great deal of energy and comfortable shoes on a mission to find the perfect art gallery premise [sic] for @adenrelesonariwo, founder of @relegallery. Rele is a dynamic contemporary art gallery that represents and exhibits a fine selection of emerging and established artists working across diverse media in Africa and the diaspora. There are established in Lagos (Nigeria) and Los Angeles (US) and are looking to expand their business to the Uk in London. After viewing a few premises for let in different locations in London, we went to @mnuchahlondon and she fell in love with the spaces in there. Creative minded people !!! Stay tuned for a future partnership with @relegallery and @mnuchahlondon.

The Camden Road based M’Nuchah did not waste any time in acknowledging the budding partnership. In a June 25th post @mnuchahlondon wrote “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs. @relegallery came all the way from Nigeria to visit M’Nuchah. We saw a potential partnership. So #londoncreatives stay tuned because a fine art gallery is on its way.”

A second post made on June 26th showed Adenrele Sonariwo chatting with a M’Nuchah official and describing the space as amazing. “I love the black. I love the fact that it is a creative space for people.”

Rele gallery is coming to London and you read it here first.

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