Amref to honour Kehinde Wiley at ArtBall 2024

Kehinde Wiley, a renowned African-American artist, will be honoured by Amref Health Africa (Amref), a leading healthcare organisation in Africa at ArtBall 2024, per According to the outlet, the event, known for celebrating African and Black art, will take place in Brooklyn on May 4, 2024.

Kehinde Wiley gained international acclaim for his striking portraits that depict people of colour in traditional settings reminiscent of Old Master paintings. His most notable work includes the portrait of former US President Barack Obama for the National Portrait Gallery.

The highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the Rees Visionary Award to Kehinde Wiley. Named after Amref’s founder, Dr. Thomas Rees, this award recognises individuals who have made significant contributions to reshaping the discourse around African and Black art. Wiley’s artistic prowess and his founding of the Black Rock Global Arts Foundation, aimed at supporting new artistic creation and promoting a redefined narrative of Africa, make him a fitting recipient of this prestigious award.

Amref Honours Artist Kehinde Wiley with the Rees Visionary Award at ArtBall 2024
Kehinde Wiley by Brad Ogbonna
© Kehinde Wiley

Expressing his gratitude, Kehinde Wiley acknowledged Amref’s impactful healthcare programs in Senegal and Nigeria, countries that hold personal significance in his artistic journey.

ArtBall 2024 will not only feature the award ceremony but also a Contemporary African and Black art auction, entertainment, an open bar and a curated selection of food. The event, curated by esteemed individuals in the art world, including Storm Ascher, Natalie Kates, Cierra Britton, Alexandra Giniger and Nadia Nascimento, aims to celebrate African art and culture while raising funds for Amref’s healthcare initiatives across the continent.

Emily Correale, Director of Amref Health Africa, emphasised the organisation’s commitment to honouring artists like Kehinde Wiley who are reshaping perceptions and narratives through their art. She highlighted the alignment of Wiley’s work with the theme of “Black Presence,” which seeks to reclaim and celebrate the rich heritage and contributions of Black individuals globally.

Kehinde Wiley’s impact extends beyond the art world, as evidenced by his recognition with prestigious awards and his establishment of artistic initiatives that promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. His dedication to bridging historical narratives with contemporary realities continues to inspire and provoke meaningful conversations worldwide.


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