JiggyYB shares debut EP ‘Treacherous Times’

JiggyYB has got the Abuja music scene buzzing with excitement as the acclaimed music producer and engineer steps into the spotlight with his highly anticipated debut EP, Treacherous Times

With over five years of industry experience under his belt, according to a statement, JiggyYB is known for his innovative and genre-defying beats, making this release a must-listen for music enthusiasts everywhere.

The ninr-track EP is a testament to JiggyYB’s exceptional talent and versatility, drawing inspiration from Abuja’s explosive music scene. Collaborating with some of the most dynamic and promising artistes in the industry such as Tomi Obanure, Eeskay KVV, Begho, Bolayrn, Psycho YP, Southside Saint and more, “Treacherous Times” promises a diverse and engaging musical journey.

One of the highlights of the EP is its reflection of Nigerian youth experiences, capturing themes such as pop culture, government issues, dreams, brotherhood and desires. JiggyYB’s collaborative efforts on PsychoYP’s chart-topping “Bando Diaries” serve as a precursor to the depth and authenticity listeners can expect from “Treacherous Times.”

In a recent statement, JiggyYB expressed that “The tape isn’t just music; it’s a state of mind and a point of view of each individual on the project.” This sentiment underscores the EP’s significance as more than just a collection of songs but as a narrative of contemporary Nigerian life through the eyes and voices of its youth.

Fans and music enthusiasts can listen and stream Treacherous Times on various platforms to experience firsthand the groundbreaking work of JiggyYB. As he makes a bold statement with this debut EP, JiggyYB’s future in the music industry looks brighter than ever.

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