Ready, Set, Glo…this weekend on Glo Battle of the Year Nigeria

Episode 2 of the Glo Battle of the Year Nigeria reality tv show airs this weekend and viewers are in for lots of drama, amazing dance moves, head scratching and many wait-what-was- that moments.

BBoy dancers who made it through the audition/elimination stages are battling it out in the quarterfinal stages and they all bring their A-game.

Commenting on the premiere episode, Globacom sponsor of the Glo Battle of the Year Nigeria said “the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We are getting downloads of our GloTv app and heavy traction on social media. This is proof that young Nigerians are invested in seeing how these talents are being empowered to achieve their dreams fame, fortune and global domination.”

Episode 2 of the show bears out the saying that all is fair in love and war as two brothers battle it out in Kaduna in a delightful case of sibling rivalry; two members of the same dance crew go head-to-head in Lagos; a past winner of the Battle of the Year Nigeria is almost vanquished in Kaduna while in Benin a coup almost leads to the toppling of the president of the dancers association.

With mega-millions at stake and an opportunity to represent Nigeria at the Battle of the Year Nigeria competition in Japan, participants are not slacking as they bust moves and turn acrobatic tricks.

But according to one of the judges, JC Jedor moves and tricks are good but the qualities that determine who wins are “energy, precision, skills and clean execution plus a battle ready mindset.”

And for all those looking forward to the battles, you now have more options as you can watch the show on GloTV, the company’s streaming service on Saturdays at 8pm as well as Dstv- AFMAG Urban on Sundays 3pm & Mondays 4pm, AFMAG Family/ GOTV on Mondays by 10pm and AFMAG Showcase on Tuesdays by 5pm on NTA on Sundays at 8pm and AIT on Tuesdays at 9pm.

May the best Bboys win!

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