Ozedikus recruits CupidSZN and BoiGizmo for new track ‘Ifeoma’

Ozedikus has set the music scene ablaze with his latest single “Ifeoma.” Born Igbinoba Osaze, the renowned music producer and engineer, whose musical journey started with childhood piano lessons, has since become a household name in the industry.

According to a statement, “Ifeoma” stems from Ozedikus’s social media prowess, particularly TikTok, where he launched a verse challenge that garnered massive attention. CupidSZN and BoiGizmo emerged as standout collaborators, infusing their talent and creativity into the track.

“Ifeoma” is a celebration of love and beauty, with lyrics like “I never see Ikebe wey big like trailer” and “My Ifeoma, my madam” showcasing admiration for physical attributes and presence. The song’s lively melody resonates with listeners, capturing the essence of joy and admiration in relationships.

Ozedikus continues to push boundaries in music, leveraging digital platforms to engage with fans and discover new talent. His success story serves as inspiration for aspiring musicians navigating the ever-evolving music landscape.

Listeners can stream “Ifeoma” on various platforms here and stay updated with Ozedikus’s latest projects on Instagram and X.

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