Niyi Osundare to headline literary evening at Capital Club

Niyi Osundare is set to captivate audiences at the Capital Club on Victoria Island, Lagos, with a reading from his diverse collections on Wednesday, June 26, 2024. The event, starting at 6pm, promises an evening of profound literary exploration.

The renowned Nigerian poet laureate and an emeritus distinguished professor of English at the University of New Orleans, USA, has increasingly made extended visits to Nigeria, much to the delight of his local admirers. 

Osundare’s recent works include GREEN, published in 2022 by Black Widow Press, and Snapsongs, released by University Press Plc in 2021. His literary contributions span decades and encompass a variety of themes, with notable collections such as Songs from the Marketplace (1983), The Eye of the Earth (1986), which won a Commonwealth Poetry Prize, and Waiting Laughters (1990), a recipient of the Noma Award.

His upcoming appearance will feature a dynamic conversation with notable poets Tade Ipadeola and Aduke Gomez, delving into themes of socio-political issues, human rights, and social justice.

Tade Ipadeola, a lauded poet, won the prestigious Nigeria Prize for Literature in 2013 with his collection The Sahara Testaments. He also received the Delphic Laurel in Poetry in 2009 for his Yoruba poem “Songbird” at the Delphic Games in Jeju, South Korea. Aduke Gomez, a multifaceted lawyer, writer, public historian and cultural ambassador, earned the Distinguished Personality Award from the Lagos Studies Association in 2022. Her latest poetry collection, On Attending My Own Wake & Other Episodes, was published in 2021.

The evening at the Capital Club promises to be a significant cultural event, providing a rare opportunity to engage with Osundare’s poetic insights and the compelling perspectives of Ipadeola and Gomez.

The Capital Club anticipates an evening of enlightenment, where aesthetics and intellect converge. Literary enthusiasts and the general public are encouraged to attend for an enriching experience of poetry and discussion.

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