Neo naturists stage naked lecture at Tate Britain

Last weekend, Tate Britain witnessed a bold spectacle as the Neo Naturists—Jennifer and Christine Binnie, and Wilma Johnson—captivated visitors with a provocative performance, per Amidst the serene ambiance of the gallery, the trio orchestrated a naked lecture titled “Nudes in the Tate,” challenging traditional perceptions of art and the female form.

As part of the gallery’s “Sunday Social” programme, artists were invited to interact with the Tate’s collection. The Neo Naturists responded with a unique approach, painting their bodies to resemble iconic female nudes from the Tate’s holdings. 

Wilma Johnson embodied Philip Wilson Steer’s “Seated Nude: The Black Hat,” while Jennifer Binnie portrayed Chris Ofili’s vibrant nymph from “Night with a Satyr.” Christine Binnie took on the roles of Adam, Eve and the serpent from James Barry’s “Temptation of Adam.”

The Neo Naturist             Image: Louisa Buck

Their performance not only celebrated art but also questioned the representation of women in the gallery space. 

By reclaiming their bodies and embracing their age, the 60-something trio challenged societal norms and asserted their agency. As they bared all in the Duveens Galleries, their message was clear: women, when empowered, dictate their own narratives—even in prestigious institutions like the Tate Gallery.

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