Miley Cyrus reflects on her partying days in “Used to Be Young” video

Miley Cyrus, the renowned pop sensation, has unveiled a poignant music video for her latest single “Used to Be Young.” In this emotionally charged visual, Cyrus takes a reflective journey back to her partying days, acknowledging the evolution of her identity over time.

The heartrending ballad encapsulates a message of self-acceptance and growth, with Cyrus stating, “This song is about honoring who we’ve been, loving who we are and celebrating who we will become.” 

The superstar, aged 30, bares her soul in the video, shedding tears and smiling through nostalgic memories.

The lyrics of “Used to Be Young” resonate with Cyrus’s past, embracing both the wild experiences and the transformative journey she’s undergone. The stripped-down video captures her walking down a dark path, reminiscent of her earlier hit “The Climb,” and concludes with her facing the camera, wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt as a nod to her Disney Channel days.

Cyrus shared her emotional experience during the making of the video, mentioning, “I could see her [my mom] inside of the camera… it brought up so many real emotions.” The release of “Used to Be Young” follows her album Endless Summer Vacation and coincides with a revamped Disney+ special available on Hulu.

Through this soul-stirring music video, Miley Cyrus not only reminisces about her vibrant past but also embraces her present and the promising future that lies ahead.


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