Miles Midland Foundation announces travel award

After a decade of awarding writing scholarships to African writers, the Miles Midland Foundation (MMF) has launched the Morland Travel Award.

“From the feedback we have had, our scholarships have been a success. In 10 years we have had over 5,000 submissions from published authors, given out almost £1 million in scholarship grants, and seen gratifying results from their published books,” says the foundation.

According to a statement by the MMF, the winners of the new award will each get £6,000 to allow them to take a trip to somewhere off the wall, off the map, different and interesting.

Entrants for a 2023 Morland Travel Award should do the following:

Send the MMF a Word doc with two elements. First, a 200 to 300 word bio including your address and telephone number and finishing with “I confirm that I am not a full-time student”.

Secondly, a piece of under 2000 words saying, if you win a Travel Award, where you would go, when, how long for, why you have chosen that place, and what the result of your journey would be.

The result should be something tangible such as a piece of writing or a series of paintings or photographs. Within one month of your return you may be asked to present this to the MMF. You can also, if you wish, not compulsory, attach a link to work you have already done to show your ability.

A scan of the information page of your passport.

Convincing evidence that you have lived in England for at least six of the past 12 months. Don’t fib about this because if you get short-listed for an award we may ask to see your passport to check entries and exits

A scan of the cover page of your latest UK tax return (which shows us nothing apart from your address).

These should be emailed to Mathilda Edwards, using

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