Madonna, Sam Smith announce new collaboration “Vulgar”

Madonna and Sam Smith took to TikTok on Thursday to share snippets of their new single, “Vulgar,” ahead of its June 9 release.

The collaborators, according to Page Six, shared snippets of their respective verses from the upcoming ballroom-influenced dance track.

“Let’s get into the groove / You know just what to do / Boy, get down on your knees / ‘Cause I am Madonna,” the Queen of Pop sings in her video, referencing her 1985 hit “Into the Groove.”

“If you f—k with Sam tonight, you’re f—king with me / So watch what you say or I’ll split your banana,” she continues.

The “Unholy” singer’s clip, meanwhile, features the lyrics, “You know you’re beautiful when they call you vulgar / I do what I wanna / I go when I gotta / I’m sexy, I’m free and I feel vulgar.”

The Grammy winners announced on May 24 that they had a collaboration on the way.

One week later, they revealed its title, release date and cover artwork, which features close-up black-and-white photos of Smith, 31, and Madonna, 64, wearing corsets.


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