Love Ignites in Sola Olulode’s “Burning” exhibition at Ed Cross Fine Art

Sola Olulode
Temptation to utter those 3 little words, 2023

Ed Cross Fine Art in London presents an enchanting solo exhibition by Sola Olulode titled “Burning, like the star that showed us to our love”. 

With a palette as warm as the sun’s embrace, Olulode’s latest collection captures the essence of falling in love, weaving together nuanced images of intimacy and community that celebrate Black identity, womanhood and non-binary individuals.

From August 9th to September 19th, the gallery will be transformed into a space that immerses visitors in the whirlwind of romance. Olulode’s work dances with the energy of budding infatuation, as everyday scenes become infused with an otherworldly aura. The vibrant yellow tones evoke the blissful highs of new relationships, encapsulating the euphoria that accompanies the early stages of love.

The exhibition draws viewers into a captivating narrative, chronicling a couple’s journey from their first meeting to shared moments of tenderness. Olulode’s commitment to portraying joy and success within marginalised communities resonates throughout the collection, offering a fresh perspective on love stories often overlooked by mainstream media.

The symbolism woven into each piece is as palpable as it is powerful. In “In the Bubble of Your Love,” rising bubbles encapsulate the entrancing obliviousness of infatuation, while a recurring sun motif radiates warmth and light. Through her artistry, Olulode captures the infectious mood of love, inviting visitors to bask in the emotions portrayed on the gallery walls.

Olulode’s creative process marries introspective subjectivity with expansive generosity. Found images, personal experiences, and imagination coalesce into scenes that balance aspiration with fantasy. The artist’s commitment to depicting Black queer women and non-binary individuals in stories of success and pleasure is a powerful statement, challenging the absence of representation in popular culture.

The gallery itself becomes a canvas for Olulode’s vision. Blue fabric wall hangings provide a celestial backdrop to the golden hues of the canvases, creating an all-encompassing sense of sky and space. Each piece, brought to life through a variety of techniques, showcases the artist’s commitment to her craft and her willingness to incorporate deviations into her creative journey.

While rooted in reality, Olulode’s work often ventures into dreamlike realms, capturing the intensity and hyper-focus that love can induce. The scenes depicted in “Burning” are simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary, tender yet commonplace – an accurate reflection of the complexities that make up a romantic relationship.

As the opening reception on August 9th beckons, anticipation grows for the unveiling of “Burning, like the star that showed us to our love”. With this exhibition, Sola Olulode invites us all to explore the universality of love, transcending boundaries and embracing the unique stories that reside within each of our hearts.

Exhibition Details:

Title: Burning, like the star that showed us to our love

Dates: August 9th – September 19th

Location: Ed Cross Fine Art, London

Opening Reception: August 9th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm BST

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