Corbon Amodio unveils “Goodbye,” a captivating journey into hidden battles

Corbon Amodio’s “Goodbye,” his latest release, combines haunting vocals, gliding guitar riffs and understated drums taking the listener on an emotive journey.

This mesmerising song delves into the depths of the internal struggle faced by many battling depression. It sheds light on the delicate balance between presenting a smile to the world and succumbing to the crushing weight of despair within.

“Goodbye” details the complexities of deception, unspoken suffering and the role that trauma plays in communication and seeking comfort. With raw honesty, the song poignantly portrays the silent battles that many individuals face, providing solace to those who have experienced similar challenges.

The gliding guitar riff creates an ethereal sense of floating in the vast expanse of an endless ocean, while the gentle and understated drums provide a steady foundation for the emotional journey.

Corbon Amodio’s gothic and expressive vocals transport the audience, as if they are drifting away from civilization, embracing the unknown in search of catharsis.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Corbon Amodio says, “I wanted to create a piece that truly resonates with those who are going through the internal turmoil of depression. ’Goodbye’ reflects the struggles of carrying the weight of despair while presenting a smiling facade to the world. It is my way of acknowledging the pain and offering solace to others who might be facing similar challenges.”

“Goodbye” is now available for streaming on all major platforms, inviting listeners to embark on a soul-stirring musical journey.

Listen to Goodbye

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