Laime drops empowering Afro Hip-Hop single “On My Life”

In a powerful musical narrative, Apex Village’s very own ace, Laime, has unveiled his latest Afro Hip-Hop track, “On My Life.” 

Collaborating with the renowned producer Princeton Beats, the song not only cranks up the tempo but also opens a window into Laime’s soul. “On My Life” is more than just a catchy tune; it’s the heart-wrenching story of Laime’s journey from adversity to triumph, with music as his guiding light.

In this captivating anthem, Laime bares his soul, sharing the profound significance of music in his life. He candidly recounts the struggles he faced before discovering solace in his art. “On My Life” serves as a perfect teaser for Laime’s upcoming EP, *Naughty by Nature,” offering a glimpse of the brilliance that awaits listeners.

Speaking about the forthcoming project, Laime passionately states, “I poured my heart and soul into ‘On My Life.’ It’s a glimpse of what’s to come on ‘Naughty by Nature.'” 

Indeed, this track not only showcases Laime’s unwavering determination but also his relentless motivation, all narrated through the lens of music’s profound importance in his life.

“On My Life” isn’t just a song; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit that drives Laime forward in his musical journey. To experience the transformative power of Laime’s music, click the link below and listen now.

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