Lagos Fringe Festival unveils dynamic lineup for its 6th edition

PAWSTUDIOS, the creative force behind Lagos Fringe Festival, is gearing up for the eagerly awaited 6th edition of the festival, set to unveil a dynamic exploration of artistic activities. To take place under the theme “What Future For Creatives?: The African Experience,’ it runs from Tuesday, November 21, to November 26, 2023 at various iconic venues, including Freedom Park, 1 Broad Street, Lagos, Eko Hotel, Geothe-Institut, Alliance Francaise, and the British Council.

This week-long extravaganza promises a captivating lineup of workshops, joint performances, film and media events, and exhibitions. International participation is a highlight, with creatives from South Africa, the UK, US, Senegal, and Zimbabwe adding a global flair to the event.

The festival’s core objective is to repurpose spaces for the development of artistic expressions, aligning with Nigeria’s ambition to lead the creative economy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Spearheaded by Festival Director Mr. Kenneth Uphopho, Lagos Fringe Festival is set to collaborate with esteemed organisations, including Dance Guild of Nigeria, NANTAP, Guild of Theatre Directors, World Fringe Network, Brighton Fringe UK, The Kreative Lab, Freedom Park, Pawstudios Africa, and the Pan African Creative Exchange (PACE) of South Africa, with more partnerships expected to unfold.

The chosen theme reflects a conscious effort to support creatives in Nigeria and across the continent. Organizers emphasize their commitment to being at the forefront of the creative economy, fostering an environment where people can rely on their creative ideas for economic sustenance.

The festival’s diverse lineup spans literary extravaganzas, arts and crafts workshops, empowering women in creativity, harmony in music, cinematic exploration, and a Fringe City Extravaganza. Each day is carefully curated to touch on various aspects of artistic expression, offering something for everyone.

One notable initiative is the Lagos Fringe Young Critics and Reviewers Programme, designed to encourage budding critics and reviewers. The event will showcase over 20 live theatre, dance and spoken word performances, along with 40 film screenings and the Lagos Fringe variety weekend. Networking sessions like the ‘Women in the Arts Lunch,’ masterclasses, and workshops contribute to the holistic experience.

The festival’s target audience is broad, encompassing high-net-worth individuals, young urban professionals, artists, corporate bodies, art institutions, arts lovers, enthusiasts, students, and children. Lagos Fringe Festival aspires to bridge the technical and free-flowing aspects of creativity, fostering co-creations and partnerships for a sustainable future in Nigeria’s rapidly growing creative economy.

As the countdown to the festival begins, the anticipation is palpable, promising an enriching celebration of creativity, diversity, and the boundless potential of the African artistic experience.

According to the organisers, “Lagos Fringe is invested to be at the forefront of the creative economy in Sub-Saharan Africa. We want to continue to engage in the process of building an economy where the people rely on their creative ideas and how to make money out of it. Research and data are technical, just as performance and design are free-flowing. At the Lagos Fringe, we want to bridge these worlds to encourage creatives on co-creations and partnerships for a more sustainable future, particularly with the emergence of the creative industries, which is now shaping up to be a lucrative venture – both for the creatives and for their craft.”

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