Korede Bello drops double delight for leap year birthday bash

Korede Bello is marking his leap year birthday in style with a double musical treat for his fans. The Nigerian artiste and chart-topping sensation known for his infectious hits, has released two captivating singles titled “Minding My Business” ft. Don Jazzy and “Happy Birthday To Me,” both showcasing his versatility and creativity.

In “Minding My Business,” Korede teams up with legendary producer Don Jazzy to deliver a track filled with self-confidence, empowerment and joy. 

Speaking about the collaboration, Korede expresses his excitement, highlighting the natural synergy between himself and Don Jazzy. The song is a celebration of their shared passion for creating music that connects with people on a deeper level.

Korede Bello exclaims “Working with Don Jazzy is always exciting. While making the album project, I knew I wanted to make a joyful song with Jazzy. So, before we started making the song, I told him what type of song I’d like us to make, and he responded that joy was his favourite genre, too. Naturally, we’re both joyful people, so making the song was just us being authentically ourselves. His creative energy can be felt on the beats of ‘Minding My Business’. Don J and I like to make music that connects with people and connects people with people.”


Don Jazzy echoes Korede’s sentiments, praising the artiste’s talent and pointing to the relatability of their collaborative effort. “Minding My Business” is not just a song; it’s a reflection of their personal journey and experiences.

“Korede is a phenomenal artiste, and it’s always a pleasure collaborating with him. ‘Minding My Business’ is our story, and we’re sure a lot of people can relate,” Don Jazzy says.

While “Happy Birthday To Me,” breaks away from the traditional “Happy Birthday” tunes. Korede Bello shares “I’ve always heard ‘Happy Birthday to you’ type of songs, but I wanted to create a song that the celebrant can sing to themselves with or without anyone else around. It’s a subtle nod to self-love. Also, the name of the album is ‘KOREDAY,’ it’s themed around my leap year birthday, so it’s only right that the project’s first track is me singing a happy birthday song to myself. Everything you hear on the song is me.”

With both singles now available on all platforms, Korede Bello invites fans to join in the festivities and enjoy the musical journey he has crafted for his special day. As he continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons in his music, Korede remains a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music scene.

For more updates and exclusive content, fans can follow Korede Bello on Instagram and X, and join in the celebration—stream the new singles here now!


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