Kanye West’s ‘Vultures’ album pulled from streaming platforms amid legal disputes

Kanye West’s latest album Vultures has been removed from most digital platforms, sending shockwaves through the music industry, per showbiz411.com. According to the outlet, the controversy stems from copyright issues surrounding samples used in the album, leading to a takedown notice from Donna Summer’s estate and a separate threat of legal action from Ozzy Osbourne.

The focal point of the legal battles revolves around the track “Good (Don’t Die),” which allegedly features an unauthorised sample of Summer’s iconic hit “Love to Love You Baby.” Despite efforts to resolve the issue, the song remains absent from the reinstated versions of the album on iTunes and Spotify.

Kanye West took to Instagram to address the situation, urging fans to order the album directly from his website.

consequence.net, quoting reports from Billboard, states that FUGA, the distributing company, never greenlit the release of the album. According to the report, a spokesperson for FUGA revealed that although they declined to distribute the album when initially presented with the opportunity, it still found its way onto streaming platforms via automated processes.

Kanye West

FUGA is now taking swift action, collaborating with their digital service provider partners and the client to remove Vultures from their systems. 

This move comes amidst a backdrop of controversy surrounding West, with several major distributors opting out of working with him due to his history of making antisemitic remarks and the lack of promotional support from streaming platforms.

However, the drama doesn’t stop there. Reports suggest that the album’s removal isn’t solely due to copyright concerns. Allegations of objectionable content, including vulgarities have also surfaced, prompting speculation about Apple’s editorial stance on distributing such material.

Yesterday, “Vultures” soared to the number 2 spot on the iTunes Top 200 chart, only to vanish abruptly from all rankings today. Questions linger regarding whether the album’s disappearance signifies a halt in sales or a deliberate decision by iTunes to cease offering it altogether.

While some applaud Apple’s potential editorial intervention, others remain skeptical of the motives behind the album’s removal. As the saga unfolds, the fate of “Vultures” hangs in the balance, leaving fans and industry insiders alike eagerly awaiting further developments.

The album is Kanye West’s latest collaborative venture with Ty Dolla $ign, 

The timeline for the album’s return to streaming platforms remains uncertain, leaving fans and industry insiders eager to see how this saga unfolds. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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