Kokopelli Gallery announces Via Dolorosa exhibition featuring 8 Nigerian artists

The Kokopelli Gallery is hosting Via Dolorosa, a group art exhibition featuring works by eight Nigerian contemporary artists. 

To run from Friday 7th April to Monday

10th April, 2023, the gallery said in a statement that the opening reception was on Friday at Legend hotel, Lagos Airport Quits, Aviation Services free Zone, Airport Rd, Ikeja.

The exhibiting artists “have captured the raw and emotional experiences of the human journey by depicting their outlook through a range of style and technique, from modern cubist approach and surrealism, to minimalism and the impasto

techniques; the artists offer a deeply personal exploration of the human condition, invite you to surf the various ebbs and flows, and triumphs at the terminus”.

The human figure is central to each of the works; from the twisted and contorted forms as seen in the “The Watcher” by Imomoh Asemokha, the heavy and extravagance in the usage of colours by Bolaji Ogunwo, the physiognomy and mien of Greg Onyeka’s “Unwavering Attention” and to the

graceful and resilient postures in “A Little Sonder” by Luli Okedoyin, each piece captures a different facet of the human experience. 

Some of the works depict the emotional iffiness one is exposed to while travelling this road, while others convey a sense of hope and perseverance that helps to carry on.

Through their powerful representations of the human’s physical and emotional features, these artists spur an urge to reflect on individual journeys and to find meaning in the same. They remind us that, just as Jesus carried the cross travelling Via Dolorosa, we must also bear the

weight of our own, however not without a satisfying end in mind.

The other artists are Seyi Ogar, Suraj Adekola, Osifeso Ezekiel and Korede Aremo.

Opening hours are as follows

Sunday, Apr 9: 2pm – 9pm

Monday, Apr 10 : 2pm – 9pm

Kokopelli Gallery is dedicated to showcasing ingenious artists who have mastered the art of storytelling.

Established in 2021, the modern gallery is presenting platforms for creatives who engage with intentions to foster a tradition and dialogue of storytelling. A multi-roomed setting with a space dedicated for meditation. The Grotto is an immersive space that interprets literally a roomful ofs stories.

The Gallery has proven to be an experimental space with an extemporaneous approach to the

evolution of the Art space where raconteurs and aesthetes converge for related engagements.

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