Jon Fosse reveals the best writing advice he’s ever received

Renowned Norwegian writer Jon Fosse, who recently clinched the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature, shared his valuable insights on the best writing advice he’s ever received. Fosse’s achievement came as no surprise, given his extensive contribution to the world of literature, both in Norway and on the global stage.

According to Lithub, when asked about his most valuable writing advice, Fosse pointed the importance of staying true to oneself and listening to one’s inner voice. He advised writers to resist the temptation to conform to external opinions and instead remain close to their unique vision and creative instincts.

Fosse’s own journey reflects the significance of this advice. After facing negative reviews following the publication of his first novel, he could have been discouraged from continuing his writing career. However, he made the conscious choice to trust his inner compass and persist in his artistic endeavors. This decision proved to be a turning point in his career.

Despite experiencing widespread acclaim and numerous awards for his work in recent years, Fosse remains unwavering in his commitment to self-expression. He explained that he does not let external reactions, whether positive or negative, sway his writing. This steadfast dedication to his authentic voice has led him to explore various literary forms, including plays, novels, and poetry, in his creative pursuits.

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