Linkin Park achieve 2b views milestone with “Numb” video

Linkin Park’s “Numb” music video from their album Meteora has become the first video to reach two billion views on YouTube.

According to, the video’s journey to milestone took a total 16 years after it was uploaded to YouTube on 5 March, 2007. The music video  slowly accumulated its first billion views by 2020, but afterwards quickly achieved two billion views in the next few years. writes that the song is also the second highest played from the band on Spotify, reaching one billion streams in March 2022, right behind their biggest hit, “In The End” from Hybrid Theory. 

However, on YouTube, the video for  “Numb” beats that for “In The End” by a remarkable 500 million more views, which might be due to the recent release of the 20th anniversary Meteora reissue.

The music video tells a story of a girl who likes to draw, but was not welcomed by her friends and teachers, and even parents. The video showed her being bumped into, yelled at and excluded from her friends. At the end of the video, she turned her emotions into inspirations for drawings to express herself on canvas.

The YouTube video time stamp shows that the most viewed part of the video is at 0:52, where the first chorus kicks in, and the video shows crosscuts from the band’s powerful singing and the actress being pushed by others on the campus to elevate the sense of depression and anger, giving the audiences an emotional climax.

While “Numb,” is a great hit from the band, the album it’s from, Meteora, is definitely worth a try.


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