John Freeman’s new noir fiction novella ‘Hit and Run’ takes readers on a gripping journey

Everand has announced the release of Hit and Run, a new original novella by celebrated author, poet, critic, editor and teacher John Freeman. Available as an ebook and audiobook exclusively on the Everand platform since April 10th, 2024, this gripping tale is sure to captivate readers.

Hit and Run marks a departure for Freeman, known for his non-fiction writing and editorial work. This autobiographical fiction, with a touch of noir, delves into the tumultuous aftermath of a hit-and-run accident witnessed by the narrator. Based on real-life events, the novella explores trauma, depression and the struggle to maintain a grip on reality.

The story unfolds as the narrator, reeling from the shock of the accident, attempts to assist authorities in solving the case. Juggling the demands of work and a faltering marriage, he finds himself caught in a whodunnit that blurs the lines between his lived and imagined experiences.

Freeman masterfully navigates the complexities of storytelling from a place of trauma, leading readers on a journey from self-estrangement to a newfound appreciation for life’s complexities. With prose that combines the intimacy of personal essay and the poetics of literary fiction, Hit and Run is a visceral and compelling read.

The ebook, approximately 76 pages in length, offers approximately two hours of immersive reading or listening. It is available exclusively on Everand, part of Scribd, Inc.

John Freeman is the founder of the literary annual Freeman’s and an executive editor at Alfred A. Knopf. He is also the author and editor of a dozen books, including the book-length essay “Dictionary of the Undoing,” the poetry collections Wind, Trees and The Park, the anthologies Tales of Two Planets and, with Tracy K. Smith, There’s a Revolution Outside, My Love. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and Zyzzyva. Each month he hosts the California Book Club, an online discussion of a classic in Golden State literature, for Alta Journal. He lives in New York City.

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