John Boyega attends the EE British Academy Film Awards ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall on 02 February, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by WIktor Szymanowicz/NurPhoto)

John Boyega says “I am done with Star Wars.”

Since The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters, the rumor mill has taken over. Considering how much of the character’s potential was left unexplored, many fans hoped John Boyega would return. Some reports even claimed Boyega’s Finn would develop Force abilities, as the final movie teased. But judging by Boyega’s recent comments, that doesn’t seem likely.

The muddled story of The Rise of Skywalker only further complicated the saga’s standing among fans. And behind the scenes, the sequel trilogy was equally as troublesome. More and more, the principal actors let slip their dissatisfaction with the material.

Some, like Oscar Isaac, flat-out proclaimed they were done with Star Wars right after they completed their contracts. Daisy Ridley has been a bit more cagey about her potential with the saga. And Boyega has typically fallen somewhere in the middle. Until now, that is.

John Boyega recently set the record straight about his future in the saga
Boyega has previously said he wasn’t interested in returning as Finn for a Disney+ series. But he had largely fallen short of declaring he was finished with the Star Wars saga. But in a recent Instagram post, he made it clear he has no intention of appearing in any upcoming projects.

In a recent Instagram post, Boyega responded to fan speculation about his Star Wars future. The actor rejected the suggestion Finn would return wielding a lightsaber in the next movie. Moreover, Boyega revealed he has “moved on” from the saga, later on revealing he has “more to offer” than “playing one role for too long.”

Certain corners of the internet exploded at Boyega’s candid response. But fans shouldn’t be shocked the actor isn’t interested in more Star Wars. After all, his character’s arc was consistently cast aside over the course of the sequel trilogy. And the heroic figure Boyega thought he’d be playing never came to fruition like he was promised.

But would the actor return to the breakout role that got him Finn?
Boyega has declared he is very much appreciative of the opportunity he had to work on Star Wars. The actor took to Twitter to clarify his stance, citing in part the intense scrutiny of the saga for his decision. And one can’t blame him for wanting at least a lengthy break from Star Wars if nothing else. After so many years, he deserves to leave Finn behind.

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