Skales Is the Cover Star for Taylor Live Magazine’s Latest Issue

Raoul John Njeng-Njeng popularly known as Skales is the cover star for the latest issue of Taylor Live Magazine.

From writing music lyrics as an adolescent in Kaduna to battling his away to Lagos and then establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in contemporary Nigerian pop, Skales’ story has always been predicated on never surrendering his dreams or his fire.

In a quick chat with the magazine, Skales shares how the pandemic has disrupted his music, the most challenging period in his career and more.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On the most challenging period of your career?

The most challenging period of my career was starting my own label.

On what inspired the title, Healing Process?

“Healing Process” was inspired by the everyday experiences that we go through. You know everyone goes in search of one thing or the other and along the way we get hurt, encounter setbacks and obstacles, Finding solutions for problems and challenges is the whole idea behind the “Healing Process” title.

On why “Healing Process” is an E.P. instead of an album

The plan has been to drop an E.P for a long time now. The “Healing Process E.P” is part of a series of projects to be released.

On the Skales legacy

For now, I will say the Skales legacy is my story. People that know my story know, “This guy really came from nothing and he was just a dreamer,” and one way or the other everything is becoming a reality. However, I’m still working on building the legacy to a level I will look back on and be proud of.

Text excluding title courtesy Bellanaija

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