Jay Shetty to officiate wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Celebrity life coach and big-time podcaster Jay Shetty is expected to officiate the wedding between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Georgia this weekend, Page Six reports.

Shetty — who has hosted a ton of stars including Kobe Bryant, Will Smith and Gwyneth Paltrow on his “On Purpose” podcast — is said to have been close with the superstar singer for a couple of years.

Lopez has also appeared on the show, and she invited him to officiate four weddings that she orchestrated as part of a PR stunt for her latest movie, “Marry Me,” in February.

The British spiritual star, who is a former Hindu monk and Accenture strategist, also officiated the wedding of Lily Collins and director Charlie McDowell in Colorado September last year.

Shetty is also the author of the bestselling book Think Like a Monk.

Lopez and Affleck are planning to say “I do” a second time in front of the friends and family who weren’t at their Vegas wedding.

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