Ini Dima-Okojie, Bimbo Ademoye, Ramsey Nouah are Nominees for 2020 Golden Movie Awards Africa

The 2020 Golden Movie Awards Africa list of nominees have been announced!

The award nominees were revealed at the nomination announcement, hosted by Nikki Samonas, which took place on Thursday, 19 November, at The Underbridge, Accra, Ghana.

The nominees include Ini Dima-Okojie, Bimbo Ademoye, Jim Iyke, Ramsey Nouah, Ufuoma McDermott, Toni Tones, Keira Hewatch, Zynell Zuh, Anthony Woode, and many more amazing actors.

Nominated movies include Pascal Aka‘s “Gold Coast Lounge“, Ifeanyi Ifan Micheal‘s “The Foreigners God“, Moses Inwang‘s “Merry Men 2“, Enah Johnscott‘s “The Fisherman’s Diary” and Eddie Nartey‘s “The New Adabraka” which were all nominated in the Overall Golden Movie category, while their directors got nominated in the Director’s category.

See the full list of nominees below

Short Film

“Red October”
“The Myth”
“You Are Not Alone”
“Christian Village”


Rene Etta – “Fisherman’s Diary”
Isreal Delike – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Adekunle “Nodash” Adejuyigbe – “Merry Men 2”
Afred Chia – “The Foreigners God”
Abiola Ladipo – “Last Request”

Actor in a Comedy

Richard Xavier Amoako – “3 Idiots And A Wiseman”
Anthony Woode – “Julor”
Jeffery Nortey – “Julor”
Akwesi Boadi (Akrobeto) – “Mad House”

Actress in a Comedy

Ini Dima-Okojie – “Foreigners God”
Raquel Ammah – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Ufuoma McDermott – “Merry Men 2”
Faith Fidel – “The Fisheman’s Diary”
Stella Anarkwa – “The New Adabraka”

Screenplay Drama

Pascal Aka – “Gold Coast Lounge
Kehinde Joseph – “Merry Men 2”
Xavier Ighorodje – “The Foreigners God”
Eddie Nartey – “The New Adabraka”
Enah Johnscott & Buh Melvin “Baba Prox” – “The Fisherma’s Diary”

Supporting Actress

Zynell Zuh – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Beverly Afaglo – “Cast Away”
Ndamo Damaris – “The Fisherman’s Diary”
Toni Tones – “The Foreigners God”
Keira Hewatch – “Diary Of The Damned”

Makeup Artist

Florence Owoo – “Gold Coast Lounge”
House of Tara – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Jude C Odoh – “The Foreigners God”
Nana Akua Amakoah Adinkrah – “The New Adabraka”
Wawuyo Micheal SNR – “Kony Order From Obove”

Most Promising Actor

Raquel Ammah – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Angela Bamford – “A Woman’s Scorn”
Jessica Larny – “2 Days After Friday”
Anthony Woode – “2 Days After Friday”
Faith Fidel – “The Fisherman’s Diary”

Art Director

Olatunji Afolayan – “The Foreigners God”
Julius Elikem – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Olatunji Afolayan – “Merry Men 2”
Nkanya Nkwai – “The Fisherman’s Diary”


Pascal Aka – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Enah Johnscott – “The Fisherman’s Diary”
Moses Inwang – “Merry Men 2”
Ifeanyi Ifan Micheal – “The Foreigners God”
Eddie Nartey – “The New Adabraka”

Editor Sound

Kang Quintus – “Fisherman’s Diary”
Kweku Kacou – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Kulanen Ikyo – “The Foreigners God”
George Sedzro – “The New Adabraka”

Discovery Actor

Raquel Ammah – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Angela Bamford – “A Woman’s Scorn”
Uche Obunse – “Diary Of The Damned”
Faith Fidel – “The Fisherman’s Diary”
Bimbo Ademoye – “Last Days”


Iam McCheryl – “Merry Men 2”
Pascal Aka – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Kalunen Ikyo – “The Foreigners God”
Cina Soul – “Julor”
Ewube – “The Fisherman’s Diary”

Movie (Indigenous)

“The Fisherman’s Diary”
“The Foreigners God”
“Gold Coast Lounge”
“The Last Days”
“Cast Away”

Supporting Actor

Sam Dede – “The Foreigners God”
Adjetey Anang – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Richard Asante (Kalybos) – “The New Adabraka”
Cosson Chinepoh – “The Fisherman’s Diary”
Jim Iyke – “Merry Men 2”


Ifan Micheal – “The Foreigners God”
Edoow House – “Julor”
Vivian Adjetey – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Yolanda Okereke – “Merry Men 2”

Overall Golden Movie

“Gold Coast Lounge”
“The Foreigners God”
“Merry Men 2”
“The Fisherman’s Diary”
“The New Adabraka”

Story Drama

Eddie Nartey – “The New Adabraka”
Pascal Aka – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Ifeanyi Ifan Micheal/Xavier Ighorodje – “The Foreigners God”
Ayo Makun – “Merry Men 2”

Editor Video

Diba Blerk – “The Fisherman’s Diary”
Kweku Kacou – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Patrick Ovoke Odjegba – “Merry Men 2”
Eddie Nartey /Enoch Opoku Obiri – “The New Adabraka”
Holmes Awa – “The Foreigners God”

Actor in a Drama

Ramsey Nouah – “Merry Men 2”
Alphonse Menyo – “Gold Coast Lounge”
Kang Quintus – “The Fisherman’s Diary”
James Gardiner – “The New Adabraka”
Henry Coxe – “Foreigners God”

Photo Credit: @inidimaokojie @bimboademoye

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