ID Cabasa is not an OG to me, I respect Timaya and 2face — Burna Boy

Burna Boy ignited a firestorm online after a video surfaced on X. In the clip, the Grammy-winning Afrobeats star declares that veteran producer ID Cabasa “isn’t an OG to him,” sparking a heated discussion about respect and recognition within the Nigerian music industry.

Burna Boy singled out Timaya, 2face, Dbanj and Larry Gaga as Nigerian musical artistes whom he considers OGs.

Burna Boy recalls visiting Timaya back in 2013 or 2012 and being impressed by Timaya’s success, asking him how long it takes for someone to achieve such success in the industry. Timaya’s response left a lasting impression on Burna Boy, as he revealed the extent of his wealth in houses and cars.

“D’banj actually paid for my video,” Burna Boy mentions, emphasising D’banj’s support and generosity. He also acknowledges the contributions of Larry Gaga, 2face, and Wande Coal, expressing his respect and admiration for their roles in his journey.

The comment came as a surprise to many, considering ID Cabasa’s pioneering role in shaping Afrobeats. Fans on X quickly chimed in, with some like @iampapillon highlighting Cabasa’s recent praise for Burna Boy. Others, like @Olamiiiiiii, pointed out that Cabasa himself hasn’t sought the OG title.

The debate took a broader turn with users like @aracasual1 suggesting respect should be shown regardless of personal impact. Meanwhile, comments from @iiamp sticks and BIG 7 RECORDS echoed the sentiment that OG status is earned through experience and influence within the industry.

Drawing parallels, Sir Wizy argued that Burna Boy’s stance could backfire in the future, urging respect for those who paved the way. This resonated with @Emmaohmygod, who felt Burna Boy’s comments could damage his public image.

However, some sided with Burna Boy’s perspective. @AnaQuality stressed that OG doesn’t equate to personal impact, referencing figures like Dr. Dre who aren’t mentors to everyone. @TRYPL_A1 offered a more neutral view, highlighting Burna Boy’s right to his opinion and the subjective nature of music.

Whether Burna Boy intended to disrespect a music veteran or simply define his own criteria for OG status remains unclear. Regardless, his comments have ignited a necessary conversation about acknowledging achievements and respecting those who’ve shaped the Afrobeats landscape.






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