Goethe-Institut announces Lagos-Berlin artist in residency programme with focus on new technologies

Goethe-Institut has announced the continuation of its annual Lagos-Berlin Artist in Residency Programme, fostering an enriching artistic exchange between Germany and Nigeria. 

Established in July 2015, it aims to provide a highly individualised experience for selected artists from both cities, according to a statement.

This year’s theme, “Dreaming New Worlds,” explores the intersection of new technologies and traditional artistic realms. 

The programme offers selected artists, Nora Mandray from Berlin and James Notin from Lagos, an opportunity to delve into the exciting possibilities of incorporating AI and non-linear storytelling into their works.

James Notin, a Yoruba-Nigerian experimental artist and performance curator, will explore the creation of a nonlinear literature allowing readers to actively shape their own narratives using databases akin to image generators and chatbots. Their residency in Berlin will include access to Savvy Contemporary’s archives, grounding the project in older forms of non-linear storytelling and orature.

On the other hand, Nora Mandray, exploring Evil Encounter 2, plans to investigate authenticity and truth-making through human-AI encounters. By re-enacting scenes from a forgotten landmark of Nigerian Cinema, and producing an AI-generated sequel inspired by the original film, Mandray aims to revive and reimagine the future of Nigerian cinema. The collaboration with AI will bring forth a unique perspective on the filmmaking process.

Jointly organised by Goethe-Institut Nigeria and Lagos-based creative incubator, 16/16, along with Berlin’s Centre for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) and Savvy Contemporary, will run from September 2023 to April 2024.

For the Goethe-Institut Nigeria, which provides financial support for the residencies, this programme signifies a revitalised artistic exchange between Germany and Nigeria, fostering a fresh outlook for both cities’ interested public.


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