Global Citizen Convener, Hugh Evans Reveals His Two Favourite Performances; Burna Boy & Rollingstone.

One World; Together at home convener & CEO of Global Citizen, Hugh Evans’ today revealed that his highlight performance of the night was that of African superstar, Burna Boy and veteran musicians, Rollingstones.

With over 40 million unique views on Facebook and YouTube alone and close to two billion viewers from across India and china, the ‘One World; Together at home’ event is arguably the most viewed event on the planet.

Hugh Evans in an interview with Variety, opened up about the experience of creating a show of that magnitude in just two and a half weeks and also revealed his most memorable performances of the night.

“I found two songs to be extremely moving for me. I loved the song by Burna Boy, because it reminded me of why Nigeria’s response to COVID-19 will be so important for the next wave. I thought his voice there was essential. And I also loved the Rolling Stones, because for me, what COVID-19 has taught me is that you can have all the best plans in the world, but unless we have strong health systems, all those plans crumble overnight. And so I think what they sang, “you can’t always get what you want” — that’s it, to me.”

We won’t lie, we loved Burna Boy’s performance too!

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