“ET… ACTION !” CALL FOR PROJECT By AF Lagos & Institut Français du Nigéria

Confinement… week 4! Is that us or is time actually slowing down?! We are not so sure, but eager to move forward with the launch of a very special call for project this week to support Lagos artistic community! On vous laisse découvrir ! 😊

CALL FOR PROJECT – STARTING THIS WEEK! “ET… ACTION!”, a creative response to Covid time by the French Cultural Network in Nigeria.

The call for project is open to any arts and culture domain, so your project can literally take any form: a short dance video, a live digital theatre/poetry performance, a music video clip, an art tutorial, a short novel or film including animation… and be performed in any language (French is a best ! But English and other Nigerian languages are welcomed) the possibilities have no boundaries but its length: 1 to 3 minutes tops!

Originality will be a key factor in the selection process, so give room to your craziest ideas… while respecting all measures of social distancing as decreed by the Nigerian authorities!

AF Lagos and Institut Français du Nigéria will post three videos every week until the end of the challenge. If your project is selected and posted, you will receive N20000! Every month (or at the end of the challenge), the video which get the biggest number of “likes” on Instagram (on both @af.lagos account and @if.nigeria account) will get a special N100K prize to its creator. You can ask your friends to join their social networks and like your video.

To enter the competition, submit your video to culture.lagos@afnigeria.org, making sure to include the following info:

Name(s) of the applicant(s)
Project title & short description
Following sentence: “I (your name) certify the project submitted has been done in the framework of the “Et… Action !” call for project, and fully authorise Alliance Française Lagos & Institut Français du Nigéria to post my project on their social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) if selected.”
Your banking details in case your video is selected.

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