“Friends” scripts spark frenzied bidding, fetch £22k at auction

Two rescued scripts from Friends episodes set in the UK, filmed at Fountain Studios in Wembley during the season four finale in 1998, have fetched an astonishing £22,000 at auction per bbc.com

The former staff member who salvaged these drafts from a bin decided to part with them, leading to a heated bidding war at Hanson Ross auctioneers in Royston, Hertfordshire. The estimated value of £600-800 was quickly surpassed, and an “online international bidder” secured the prized scripts.

The auction, marked by fierce competition, saw 219 pre-sale bids from around the globe. The hammer finally fell at £22,000, and with fees included, the total paid by the undisclosed buyer amounted to £28,864. Amanda Butler, head of operations at the auctioneer, expressed disbelief at the global interest, stating, “Bidders went crazy for these scripts.”

The scripts, utilised for the two-part season finale titled “The One With Ross’s Wedding,” have a mysterious origin, with no clear information on their previous owner within the Friends cast or crew. The seller, who rediscovered the scripts during a recent clear-out, believed they deserved a home with a devoted Friends fan, leading to their lucrative sale.

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