Davido’s “Timeless” album hits Billboard’s Top 50

Davido is riding high as his album Timeless secures a coveted spot on Billboard’s esteemed “Top 50 Best Albums of 2023.” Released in March, the album has garnered three nominations for the 2024 Grammy Awards, including Best Global Album and Best African Performance for the track “Unavailable.” The song “Feel” also received a nod for Best Global Music Performance.

Billboard’s Dan Rys applauded the Nigerian Afrobeats sensation’s musical prowess, emphasising that Timeless truly lives up to the artiste’s acclaim. The album’s diverse offerings, spanning joyous love songs to high-energy dance hits, have contributed to its widespread recognition.

Davido’s response to this milestone was a tweet featuring a love emoji, expressing gratitude for the achievement. 

This accomplishment not only signifies a personal triumph for Davido but also marks a significant milestone in the global rise of Afrobeats, showcasing the artiste’s dedication and cementing Timeless as the pinnacle of his career.

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