Every day is a Game of Thrones (A meditation) – Samuel Monye

(As Nigeria celebrates 61, we present a meditation for all those young Nigerians who have not japa’d.)
Game Of Thrones wins big at Creative Arts Emmy Awards | Tv News – India TV
You are the Lord of your House.
You are the Warden of your destiny.
You are the first of your name.
There will never be anyone like you. There’s only you.
Champion of the East.
Master of plantain or whatever you want to call yourself
You are the rightful heir to the Iron throne of the future you so desire.
But there is another who wants the throne too.
Another who seeks the pinnacle of power just like you.
If you think I am talking about your colleague at work, then you are wrong.
If you think I am talking about Village people, you may be correct.
Nah, the greatest rival to your throne looks like you.
Talks like you.
Acts like you.
That rival is you.
Your village people is you.
The side of you that loves to procrastinate.
The side of you that would rather watch four more episodes of your favorite series than finish that book. The side of you that just wants to faff around.
If that version of you sits on your throne, it’s as good as driving a sword through the heart of your dreams.
You don’t want that. But hiding behind excuses and buts won’t deliver the throne to you.
Excuses don’t stop the world from moving forward. They only keep you stagnant.
What am I saying?
Valar Morghulis.
All men must die.
But first Valar Dohaeris
All men must serve
So don’t leave this world feeling like there was one more thing you could have done.
If that is too far, don’t go to bed tonight knowing that there was one more thing you could have done to take your throne.
Read the book.
Pray that prayer.
Send the email.
Write that song or chapter.
For God’s sake, drive a sword through the heart of complacency
Carpe the damned diem!
**Samuel Monye is an award winning novelist and author of – Give Us Each Day
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