Ènìyàn: Escape Room, a solo exhibition by Yusuff Aina opens at Art Twenty One

Art Twenty One hosts “Ènìyàn: Escape Room,” a solo exhibition by multi-disciplinary artist Yusuff Aina. Presented by Retro Africa Gallery, the exhibition features 31 new paintings, site-specific installations, and a soundscape that all serve as portals into Aina’s art of worldmaking through altered physical spaces, experimentation and symbolism. 

According to a statement by Art Twenty One, the exhibition is introduced as six distinctive rooms, each set apart by obvious colours that correspond to a group of similar emotional states.

“The concept of the exhibition is a depiction of the artistic practice and visual journal of Yusuff Aina’s personal transition from proneness to strength, self-reflection, and stillness. The project initiates a global discourse on mental well-being, sound mind, and freedom. 

“Through his work, the artist constructs alternative spaces and identities, expanding the boundaries of a constantly evolving visual language.

“Aina employs cartoon-like figures, motifs, and landscapes infused with fantastical elements as vehicles for storytelling as a poetic quest to express personal and shared experiences while reexamining perspectives on desire, hope, and imagination. The exhibition invites spectators to navigate the complexities of vulnerability, resilience, and the continuous pursuit of personal growth”.

The exhibition will be on view from July 6th – September 6th, 2023, at Retro Africa Gallery. The artist will indulge in an on-site conversation as the exhibition serves as both a therapeutic exploration and a call for collective introspection. Visit ARTTWENTYONE.NG to learn more about the exhibition.


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