Ambassador Emmy Kosgei Madubuko hsc. is the music pastor, RAWF patron and the first lady of Revival Assembly Church, married to Apostle Anselm Madubuko the founder of the church in Lagos, Nigeria. A Kenyan by birth but resident in Nigeria for the last 7 years, she is from the nomadic Kalenjin tribe reputed to have the world’s best long distance runners. Both her parents are pastors and she is a born again Christian brought up in the church with the natural love for gospel music. After her college studies and other jobs including modelling, she ventured into music after being encouraged by a popular musician in Kenya who urged her to add singing in her mother tongue to her natural qualities and her profession. Her musical inspirations include Rebecca Malope, the late Mariam Makeba and Joy Of Celebration.


Her philosophy for music is that it is food for the soul and the spirit behind the music is more important than the language of communication. Music is a powerful tool that can be used to pass any message across and she uses same to do so in her native tongue. Music has no language and barrier. Music brings people together to preach peace and bringing healing. African culture and music is powerful and attractive.


Emmy interprets her music through her culture donning African regalia, creatively choreographed African dancing and the spirit behind her songs is the power of God she states. 17 years ago her first album released in the US was well received and made her a regular festival performer there and internationally before it was even acclaimed in Kenya. She has built a huge following world over with people who appreciate her music. She has is currently working on her 7th album here in Lagos Nigeria with a production team and producer who understand her music led by Orliam. The project includes already released single titled Maloo which is a Gospel Afro-fusion blend of Kalenjin, Swahili and Igbo with Jazz infusions. The rest of the album is expected to be released by the end of the year. Emmy describes her musical style as richly Afro-fusion and patriotic. She further describes it as a source of Inspiration to her audience. Some of her highly acclaimed songs from her 6 previously released albums includes ‘taunet nelel’
‘Ategisin’, ‘ololo’, among many, which have won her numerous awards on local and international music scene.


Emmy is both a peace and cultural ambassador for Kenya and the visionary for the annual Pamoja concerts now in its 10th anniversary which is a platform that preach peaceful co-existence in various parts of Kenya mostly in hotspot areas through music that brings together close to 40000 attendees. Her project is peace. After receiving a honorary award by the Kenyan head of state, she was also officially appointed tourism and cultural ambassador both nationally and globally and has several times represented Kenya globally at festivals presenting another side of Kenya than the popular tourism side. She represented Africa at one of the Master Peace Concert Amsterdam which is one of the biggest global festivals bringing artistes from all nations. These types of platforms allow her take her music of peace globally. She is a multiple award-winning gospel acclaimed musician not only in her home country Kenya, but also globally. She has won BEFTA AWARDS UK, AGMA AWARDS UK, OVER 10 GROOVE AWARDS, EAM AWARDS, HEAD OF STATE COMMENDATION BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA. Emmy is a philanthropist who has touched kids with disability and has a school ‘HOPE ACADEMY’ where she educates over 70 children from poor backgrounds through her music proceeds among other projects.

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