FILE - This May 1, 2019 file photo shows Drake at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. SiriusXM and Pandora, companies that merged earlier this year, announced Thursday, July 25, that they have signed a new creative partnership with the superstar rapper. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

Drake buys DJ Khaled a creepy birthday gift

For DJ Khaled’s 47th birthday, Drake gifted him an unusual present: four luxury toilets from the brand Toto. 

According to HipHopHero, DJ Khaled expressed excitement on Instagram, showcasing the toilets’ features such as UV-light cleaning, remote control operation, automatic seat open/close, night light, air deodoriser, and heated seats.

Khaled mentioned that he and his wife had wanted these toilets for their home, and he humorously spoke about the joys of sitting on the toilet. He also mentioned that Drake owns similar toilets in his $500 million house.  

The “Wild Thoughts” producer, who celebrates his birthday on November 26th, posting a video, wrote, “Real talk – my Queen and I been wanting this for our house!! Thank u my brother!! Nahhh this no regular toilet. This that TOTO! Same model as the ones in the embassy. I LIKE WHAT DRAKE LIKE!!” Speaking to his fans in the post, bragging about the gifts, Khaled declared, “Listen, this is not no regular toilet bowl! My brother Drake just bought me and my family about four big toilet bowls. This is called a Toto toilet bowl.”

He continued, “I’m not even joking, Drake, we been wanting this, Me and my queen been talking about getting Totos for the whole house.” The ‘I’m On One’ producer then went on to list some of Toto’s features, highlighting the UV-light cleaning system, remote control operation, automatic toilet seat open and close, night light, built-in air deodorizer, heated seats, and more.

The Miami native then told his fans that Drake has some of his own, proclaiming, “If you’ve ever been to Drake’s house, you know it’s worth $500 million. It’s not about the money, it’s just about, he went and got the best of the best. He gifted us a few of these Toto toilet bowls.”

Creepily talking about the thrills of going to the toilet, Khaled screamed, “This might be the best gift ever. Everybody knows, when you sit down and do the theory. That’s when you meditate and reflect on life! When you sit down and do the theory, that’s when you reflect on life, ideas be coming. Some of my best ideas come from me taking a theory. Real talk! And I got one now that lights up, and it sprays theory, and it even makes it smell theory. And it’s like a big theory.”


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