Documentary Hub West Africa launches resource centre

Documentary Hub West Africa has launched a resource centre for documentarists.

The project, an initiative of Moreview Productions and is in partnership with Documentary Media Centre Limited, is to identify documentarians and provide them with requisite training.

The centre will facilitate training, share global industry knowledge, and deliver online digital documentary media sessions and offer portfolio reviews and festival advice. The hub will co-curate exhibitions, events and immersive experience that connect individuals with the world around them.

Speaking on the features of the programme, CEO, Moreview Production, Cletus Clement said: “A range of training sessions would be offered. These will include media production and smartphone technology, documentary media and solutions journalism, media leadership in the digital media space, social media innovation in low resource settings, United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and media development, introducing Story Impact Africa.

“Stories are so powerful that it can drive and impact positive change and help shape the future of an environment and everything inclusive.”

He said: “Story Impact Africa is a project designed to train and equipped about 300,000 African youths with content creation skill using simple mobile toolkits to tell stories that are beneficial to the community; relevant skill acquisition programme aimed at unleashing their potential to effect positive change in the society.”

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