Chris de Burgh thankful after receiving booster jab

Chris de Burgh is thankful for having had his booster vaccination after catching coronavirus earlier this year.

The singer, best known for his 1986 hit “The Lady In Red”, was forced to postpone a series of European concerts in the summer after testing positive for the virus, reports Belfast Telegraph.

The publication said he has now received a booster jab.

Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the 73-year-old said: “I had two jabs and, like so many other people I have come across, I got another little dose.

“Thank God I had been vaccinated. It was like a mild cold. I was shocked, actually. I was about to do a solo tour in Europe and I had to defer it for a few weeks.”

The star, who lived in both Nigeria and the former Zaire (now DR Congo) when he was young, added: “But living in Africa, as I was as a child, I had to have all of them – yellow fever, polio, et cetera et cetera, and I never got any of them. Vaccinations work. Sorry, folks, but they do work.”

De Burgh said the virus has not affected his singing voice and he is still able to hit the high notes.

He added: “In fact, on the new album I am hitting notes that I was … doing in 1982. High C for those who are singing right now. High C, that’s the big one.”

The singer recently released The Legend of Robin Hood, his 27th studio album, which was inspired by the outlaw figure from Sherwood Forest and his legacy in popular culture.

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