Bowled over by Zizah and friends at Terra Kulture – Toni Kan’s Diary

The first time I heard about autism was in the movie Rain Man starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. It was a new word, a short word but it packed a punch.

Autism is according to PureSouls Learning Foundation “a complex developmental condition that involves persistent challenges in social interaction, speech and nonverbal communications, and restricted/repetitive behaviours.”


April is Autism awareness month and to mark it three young artists on the ASD spectrum are hosting an art exhibition at Terra Kulture with support from PureSouls and Terra.

The exhibition which is proceeding under the theme “Art in Autism” features works by Zizah Obioha Okeugo, Okolie Ayomikun Daniel and Christine Mike-Nnaji.

The invite was extended by Zizah Obioha Okeugo @eideticboy, one of the exhibiting artists and a fast rising star on the contemporary Nigerian art scene.

I had planned to attend the opening and so get to meet Zizah and his parents but was held up. I turned up on Day 2 and was blown away by the works on display.

Zizah and Christine’s works are realised in bright colours on large canvasses while Okolie’s works are intriguing pieces populated by creatures that look half-animal and half-machine like something filched from a dystopian film set.

Find time to check out the exhibition. It runs from April 2 to April 19 at Terra Kulture and you will be bowled over by the works on display from those Zizah likes to describe as “different but not less.”


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