Books to help children handle emotions and tough times

Back in the day, parents and caregivers didn’t always have help and advice on how to teach children and teens about handling emotions and tough times in life. Now there are lots of books offering ways for adults to help children to emotional health. Today’s nonfiction teaches everything from teaching toddlers how to deal with frustrations that come from waiting, to tools for teens who need to handle stress. And there’s a lovely tribute to African-American playwright and sometime-Minnesotan August Wilson

“Waiting Is Not Forever” by Elizabeth Verdick, illustrated by Marieka Heinlen (Free Spirit Publishing, $8.99) — Aimed at ages 1 to 4, this brightly-illustrated board book helps toddlers learn the concept of “wait.” When adults say “Not yet,” “later,” “soon,” the little ones don’t always know what that means — except it’s not going to happen NOW, which is the world they live in. This book teaches how to wait better, showing kids how to reduce frustration by using waiting time to watch and listen, play, draw, stretch, sing and tell stories. Verdick offers suggestions for how adults can help children learn patience with several techniques such as using timers, relying on routines, limiting screen time and making a “wait kit” of special toys.

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