Baby spotted at Taylor Swift concert sparks concern among fans

Taylor Swift’s fans were left in shock after a baby was spotted at one of her Eras Tour dates in Paris, per The incident took place on May 10th at the Paris La Défense Arena, where Swift kicked off the European leg of her tour.

A concert-goer shared images on social media showing a baby lying on the floor of the arena, wearing headphones. The post quickly went viral, with many expressing concern for the baby’s safety and criticising the parents for bringing an infant to such a loud and crowded event.

Social media users were quick to weigh in, with many condemning the parents’ decision and calling it irresponsible. Some expressed concern for the baby’s well-being, noting that loud noise could potentially harm the child’s sensitive ears.

The Paris La Défense Arena’s website advises against bringing children under the age of four to events, particularly due to the high volume. However, advice on bringing children to concerts varies, with some venues stating there is no minimum age for most events.

Baby carrier company Tush Baby suggests that the decision to bring a child to a concert depends on the individual child and the type of concert. They recommend using baby earplugs to protect young ears and choosing a concert that is appropriate for the child’s age and temperament.

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