Afropolis2023 presents “Out Of This World”

In an unprecedented and visionary undertaking, Afropolis2023 is set to dazzle audiences worldwide with “Out Of This World,” a transcendent fusion of art, music and culture. The much-anticipated event, featuring 50 extraordinary artistes from across the globe, is poised to transport viewers to realms uncharted.

Afropolis2023, an initiative that has been meticulously crafted over two years, has summoned an eclectic ensemble of talent ranging from dancers and musicians to costume designers, light designers and creative technologists. Hailing from countries as diverse as Nigeria, Ghana, Italy and the USA, these artistes are converging in Lyon, France, to deliver a sensory experience like no other.

The project’s founder, Qudus Onikeku of the Dance Center, whose dedication and passion have been the driving force behind this creative odyssey, personally extends an invitation to the world to join the livestream on This visionary endeavour was made possible through the unwavering dedication of a technical team determined to share this cultural extravaganza with a global audience.

Notably, Afropolis2023 adopts a unique approach to accessibility, offering a “pay what you want” ticket format. This inclusive model ensures that everyone, regardless of their means, can partake in this remarkable journey. For those unable to RSVP before 3 pm Parisian time, entry remains open throughout the event, with an option to show support for this monumental undertaking.

“See you behind paradise,” the founder warmly concludes, hinting at the enchanting world awaiting those who choose to embark on this artistic odyssey.

Dive into the Dance: A World Unveiled

The heart of Afropolis2023 beats in rhythm with the music, summoning those with embodied intelligence and ancestral wisdom. In this ethereal realm, the music becomes a living entity, recognising its kindred spirits and beckoning them to dance in harmonious union.

As participants surrender themselves to the music’s cadence, their bodies become vessels of expression. Drumbeats resonate not just in the ears but within the very core of their beings, igniting a dance that defies earthly bounds and opens gateways to unseen dimensions.

In Afropolis, communication transcends words; it finds expression through the language of movement. The melodies of flutes guide participants to heightened awareness, while the strings of instruments shape the very terrain of this mystical world.

Whether seated, standing, chanting, or simply humming, every soul present becomes one with the rhythm, evoking a dance that is both exquisite and commanding. Through this dance, participants experience a transcendental journey, shedding countless layers of self to stand in proximity to the divine.

When a community regularly engages in such profound dances, peace and vibrancy radiate from their city. Myth and legend intertwine, speaking of demigods that defy gravity, men who coax leopards into dance, and women whose waist beads vibrate in harmony with the sun’s celestial path. In Afropolis, honour and joy converge, uniting scholars and wild spirits in an ecstatic dance of cosmic proportions.

Time & Location

The magic of Afropolis2023 unfolds on September 24th, from 15:00 to 17:30 Paris time, promising an unforgettable experience for those who venture into this extraordinary realm.


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