Accessible Publishers shortlisted for 2023 ABC International Excellence Award

Chairman/CEO, Accessible Publishers Ltd, Mr. Adedapo Gbadega

Accessible Publishers Limited, formerly known as Rasmed Publications Ltd, has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2023 Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) International Excellence Award for Accessible Publishing. 

The announcement, which came on October 5, 2023, declared Accessible Publishers Limited as the sole African representative alongside two prominent publishing companies from Sweden and Argentina.

This remarkable recognition was conveyed through an official statement released on the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Accessible Books Consortium website. The ABC International Excellence Award is a globally recognised accolade that applauds exceptional efforts in enhancing the accessibility of e-books and digital publications for individuals with visual impairments, dyslexia, and mobility challenges that affect their ability to access printed materials.

The Accessible Books Consortium, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, operates from its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It brings together an array of organisations dedicated to advocating for individuals with print disabilities, including the World Blind Union, libraries for the visually impaired, standards bodies, and groups representing authors, publishers and collective management organisations.

This prestigious award, previously conferred at renowned international book fairs, including the London Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair and Guadalajara International Book Fair, will see this year’s victors unveiled during a ceremony at the 2023 Sharjah Publishers Conference in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, October 29th at 17:30.

The selection process for the finalists was rigorous, evaluating candidates based on their exceptional leadership and accomplishments in the realm of enhancing e-book and digital publication accessibility for individuals with various disabilities. An expert jury comprising representatives from publishers, standards bodies, organisations advocating for the visually impaired, and accessibility experts meticulously chose the honorees, cementing the significance of Accessible Publishers Limited’s shortlisting as a momentous achievement for both the company and African publishing on the global stage.

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