“A Literary Life”: Poet Sage Hassan’s film on Odia Ofeimun premieres at LIPFEST2021

Odia Ofeimun: A Literary Life, a film directed by poet and filmmaker Sage Hassan will screen Saturday 23 October from 3 pm – 5 pm WAT during this year’s edition of the Lagos International Poetry Festival (LIPFEST2021) at Freedom Park, Lagos.

A conversation with the film’s subject, master poet Odia Ofeimun, moderated by poet and novelist, Chuma Nwokolo, is to take place after the screening.

The film tells the story of Odia Ofeimun and captures the universe of stories and texts that captured the mind of a young boy from rural Nigeria, shaping him into one of the most enigmatic figures in Africa’s cultural history.

Ofeimun, who is no stranger to struggle, of the personal and political kind, dropped out of secondary school in Benin to become a writer and came of age in the heady days of political misadventures and military takeovers, his poems were born into the post-colonial liberation struggles that raged across Africa.

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