234 RnB unveils emotional Christmas EP, “Christmas < U”

234 RnB, a vibrant platform and community for Nigerian R&B artistes, has unveiled its much-anticipated Christmas-themed EP, Christmas < U, in a harmonious blend of soulful melodies.

Featuring a stellar lineup of talented artistes including Emk the Genie, RnB Princess, Givens, Brum3h, Nunu Eluma, Aisosa, TED Phantom, and HearJuno, the EP is a poignant exploration of the emotions tied to spending Christmas without a significant other.

Christmas < U encompasses five tracks, each a distinct expression of heartbreak, lover’s scorn, missing you melodies, Christmas blues and poignant sad love songs. The title itself carries a profound meaning, suggesting that Christmas is less than you or emphasising the importance of loved ones during the festive season.

This musical collaboration not only showcases the diversity of R&B styles but also highlights the power of unity among artists hailing from different regions of Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja, Benin, and the South. Despite their diverse backgrounds, the artists share a common passion for R&B, as demonstrated by the EP’s cohesive and emotive narrative.

The EP kicks off with “Matching Sweaters,” a heartfelt track that delves into the tradition of couples wearing matching sweaters during Christmas, portraying the poignant love and longing felt when spending the holiday alone. Subsequent tracks like “Hope We See This Christmas,” “Without U,” and “Lifeline” further delve into themes of love, separation and the blues, offering a poignant and soulful soundtrack to the Christmas season.

Closing the EP with an intimate touch, the fifth track, “Hope We See This Christmas (Stripped),” presents a more personal rendition of the earlier “Hope We See This Christmas,” providing listeners with an emotional journey into the longing for a Christmas reunion.

Christmas < U stands as a unique project in Nigerian music history, bringing a distinct and authentic touch to the festive season. As the R&B community unites to share their musical talents, this EP promises to resonate with listeners, offering a soul-stirring experience of Christmas emotions without a lover.

For those eager to immerse themselves in this musical journey, the EP is available for listening here, and fans can connect with the artistes on Instagram and X/Twitter.

Listen to Christmas < U and embark on a soulful Christmas journey with 234 RnB.


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