I’ve a really solid body of music, says Jabari Banks

  • Photo: Marquitta Davis

Jabari Banks is making waves once again, but this time it’s not in the world of acting. Having recently inked a deal with Epic Records, the Bel-Air sensation is set to serenade fans with his debut single, “Something Else,” offering a tantalising blend of his acting prowess and newfound musical talent.

In an interview with EBONY, Banks delves into the musical influences that shaped his love for the art, citing Kanye West, Travis Scott, and legendary icons like MJ, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder. With a nostalgic nod to his first concert experience being Stevie Wonder, Banks reveals his deep-rooted connection to the soulful sounds that have inspired his musical journey.

The conversation with EBONY unfolds further as Jabari Banks sheds light on the inspiration behind his debut single. Explaining that “Something Else” explores the ambiguous realm of relationships before defining them, Banks shares the personal lyrics that led to the song’s title. The accompanying music video adds a visual dimension to the emotional narrative, capturing the essence of navigating the uncertainties of love.

Reflecting on his artistic evolution, Banks discusses his longstanding relationship with music, labeling it as his “oldest child” and emphasizing its role as his first creative outlet. Drawing parallels between his approach to music and acting, Banks reveals a heart-centered process that allows for spontaneity and authenticity in both realms.

As the conversation shifts to the possibility of featuring his music in “Bel-Air,” Banks hints at exciting prospects for the show’s upcoming third season. Envisioning his music seamlessly integrated into key scenes, Banks muses on the potential impact of his sound in the beloved series.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn as Banks details the journey to his record deal with Epic Records. A chance meeting with Miguel Melendez, close to the Smith family, paved the way for a serendipitous connection to music manager David Savage, ultimately leading to his collaboration with Epic Records through Zeek Lewis.

Closing the interview, Banks shares his vision for his music—a unique fusion of genres that defies categorization. Drawing inspiration from artists like Drake and Don Toliver, he aspires to carve out a distinctive space in the music scene, leaving listeners to identify with “the Jabari way.”

As anticipation builds for Jabari Banks’ musical debut, fans can look forward to a harmonious convergence of his acting and musical talents, creating a symphony that resonates with the heart and soul of his artistic journey.

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