2023 Warwick Prize for Women in Translation unveils shortlist

The prestigious Warwick Prize for Women in Translation has revealed its shortlist for 2023, featuring eight captivating titles from seven languages. The £1000 prize, established in 2017 by the University of Warwick, aims to address gender imbalances in translated literature, providing a platform for international women’s voices in the British and Irish literary landscape.

Breaking records with 153 eligible entries from 32 languages, the seventh edition of the prize showcases a remarkable range of voices and perspectives. The shortlist, unveiled in alphabetical order, includes works translated from Danish, Italian, Swedish, Hungarian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic, reflecting the prize’s commitment to inclusivity.

From Dorthe Nors’ “A Line in the World” to Deena Mohamed’s “Your Wish Is My Command,” the shortlisted titles span genres and forms, offering English-language readers a diverse literary experience. The winner, to be announced on November 23rd, 2023, will receive £1000 at a ceremony in London.

Judge Boyd Tonkin commended the eclectic shortlist, stating, “Our finalists confirm that outstanding women’s writing from around the world now reaches English-language readers in books of every kind.” The panel, including Amanda Hopkinson and Susan Bassnett, emphasized the exceptional skill and flair of translators in bringing these works to a broader audience.

Prize coordinator Dr. Holly Langstaff highlighted the significant growth in submissions, underlining the translators and publishers’ efforts to broaden the range of women’s writing available to UK and Ireland readers. Last year’s joint winners, ‘Osebol’ and ‘Tomb of Sand,’ set a high standard for the literary excellence expected from this year’s contenders.

Generously supported in 2023 by the School of Creative Arts, Performance and Visual Cultures, the Warwick Institute of Engagement, the British Centre for Literary Translation, and the British Comparative Literary Association, the prize continues to champion women in translation. For inquiries, contact Holly Langstaff at womenintranslation@warwick.ac.uk. Follow the excitement on [Twitter](#) and [Facebook](#).

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