Charly Boy Pairs With Falz to take shots at Pastors in ‘God of Men.’

2019 was not a great year for religious stakeholders.

Every conceivable accusation under the sun was leveled at the spiritual merchants.
But if you thought that 2020 would bring them some sort of reprieve, you thought wrong.

Controversial music artiste and okada riders advocate, Charly Boy a.k.a Area Fada recently made a comeback to the music scene with a topical but sensitive song release levelled at, you guessed right, Pastors.

Note the distinct targeting. Not religious people, only pastors.

Falz the bad guy, a vocal advocate himself against the excesses of religious usurpers is on the track with the legend entertainment mogul, Charly Boy.

Charly Boy is some sort of musical relic, with his first album released as far back as 32 years ago; 1982 to be precise.

He went on to garner considerable appeal with another masterpiece titled ‘Nwata Miss’ in 1985 with Polygram Nigeria.

However, his most popular album was called ‘1990’, a direct reference to Nigeria’s corrupt military government which was expected to hand over power to civilians in that year.

The Acesoundz produced song ‘God of Men’ ; Fake Pastors spots Falz The bad Guy bridging a musical divide between two generations. Falz is in his element here, rescuing the already flaccid song from a trajectory of boredom, with his rythmic, afrobeat-inspired delivery and witty lyrics.

The video directed by Unlimited LA, applies melodrama and exaggeration to amplify the viral message of the impunity of ‘Fake Pastors’.

It’s an all too familiar missive.

And if the intended message is anything like the song structure, then the crop of ‘Fake Pastors’ who it is meant for might just as well be home free.

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