Yannis Philippakis teams up with Tony Allen for ‘Lagos Paris London’ EP

Foals’ frontman, Yannis Philippakis, is embarking on an electrifying new musical journey with his latest project, Yannis and The Yaw, faroutmagazine.co.uk reports. Teaming up with the late drumming legend Tony Allen, renowned for his work with Fela Kuti, Philippakis has announced an EP titled “Lagos Paris London”.

The EP, set to release on August 30th, is a fusion of diverse influences stemming from the trio’s origins in Lagos, London and Paris. Born in Greece but deeply rooted in London’s music scene through his work with Foals, Philippakis had the opportunity to collaborate with Allen during a two-day session in Paris back in 2016.

Following Allen’s passing in 2020, Philippakis felt a profound obligation to complete the project as a tribute to the legendary drummer. He described the process as having “a deep duty to do it” and a desire to honour Allen’s legacy by sharing their collaborative work with the world.

Tony Allen and Yannis Philippakis Image: Kit Monteith

The opening track, “Walk Through Fire,” sets the tone for the EP, blending Foals’ indie energy with Allen’s mesmerising percussion. Philippakis describes Allen’s contribution as that of a “percussive conductor at the heart of the tornado,” elevating the music to new heights.

With hints of Fela Kuti’s protest songs and Philippakis’ festival-ready rock sound, “Walk Through Fire” showcases the seamless integration of their influences. Philippakis even hints at the possibility of live performances for select shows in the future, suggesting that the track is tailor-made for the stage.

Born from a convergence of musical talents across continents, the EP promises to offer a captivating blend of sounds and stories that defy expectations.

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