WSICE 2023 to explore good governance and nation building challenges and prospects

The 14th edition of the Wole Soyinka International Cultural Exchange (WSICE) is set to hold on July 13, 2023, with the theme of Good Governance and Nation Building. 

The event, the organisers say, will be held in a hybrid format, both virtual and on-site, and will feature a range of activities, including an essay writing competition for secondary school students. 

To explore the challenges and prospects of nation-building through the prisms of good governance, individual and national interests, and national development, the youth section of the event, for instance, will focus on mentoring and grooming the new generation of thinkers and eventual leaders who would work for the overall national interest of lifting their country and their society to greater heights of human and material development. 

The thematic thrust is to reflect the mood of the Nigerian nation and, indeed, many nations of the world, dealing with the existential problem of navigating the challenges of Nation Building through the prisms of good governance, individual and national interests and national development, according to WSICE’s Executive Producer, Dr. Teju Kareem, Managing Director/CEO of the lead promoters of the project, Zmirage Multimedia Company, ZMC.

WSICE is organised on the platform of the OpenDoor Series Project WS, an international cultural exchange programme designed to affirm and uphold the dignity of man. The project seeks to create unity among mankind regardless of nationality, culture, or religion by focusing on youth as the future of humanity. 

The event is being promoted by Zmirage Multimedia Ltd (Nigeria & UK) and jointly promoted with Global NewHaven led by Prof Segun Ojewuyi (Dean of College of Art & Media, Southern Illinois University, SIU, Carbondale, USA), and enjoys support from the Ogun State Government.


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