Nvivo unveils Nvivo TV at AFRIFF2019

Nvivo, a pan African digital development platform, today announced its newest initiative, Envivo TV at a press conference at AFRIFF 2019

“The main purpose of starting Nvivo was to find a home for short movies.Today is the test launch for the industry to give feedback on what they expect from the future of storytelling. After that we will officially launch in 2 weeks to the general public.” said co-founder of Nvivo, Chioma Ude.

Mr. Gbenga Obadina who is also a co-founder of Nvivo reiterated that, “Nvivo is about creating the future and bringing efficiency to what we do.”

“In the US there is a cinema screen to every 8,000 people and 20,000 people to a screen in the UK but in Nigeria what you find is about I.6 million people to a cinema screen”, he added.

“We are bringing new experiences to mobile and on the entertainment front we are launching Nvivo TV, followed by the educational front where we have been appointed by the University of Lagos to run 10 degree programmes.”

The global director of Nvivo, Michelle, spoke about the role of the platform on the international front. She announced that the
aim of the global initiative was to leverage the Nvivo TV platform so other platforms can reach and amplify their audiences through experiencing different platforms like Hulu, Netflix all on one central platform.

“We are also looking into educational partnerships with local players in the educational sector as well as helping Nigerians access international degrees from the comfort of their homes. Although Original African programming is already being done here. There are significant projects being discussed with African stakeholders from writers, producers and others. We want to collaborate in areas like co-production opportunities,” she added.

The content acquisition strategy for Envivo TV is to license content both here in Nigeria and abroad.
Chioma went on to reveal that the Envivo TV platform focuses exclusively on short-form content and the i-cinema is in discussions with content providers to acquire movie rights as well as produce Envivo originals. This will effectively improve distribution and help monetize the industry.

“We have an undisclosed partner who is set to train 3200 animators for free and also a training programme marketplace with the unity brand.
We also have a strategic partnership with MTN for payments and have partnered with Cisco to build a content delivery network that features a compressed technology system that encodes and maximises our system.” she finished.

We are available on all platforms. Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TVs and Gaming platforms.

Nvivo is already in discussion with countries here in Africa like Namibia, Cape Verde , Kenya and Zambia. It is a pan African content platform and so representations from other African countries is important to the brand.

There are over 30 original series affiliated with Envivo but a few are yet to be released.
You can experience the Envivo TV magic by downloading it from www.nvivo tv.

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